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Permiso con goce de sueldo para todos los que se ocupan de adicciones familiares o enfermedades. Los arizonenses que trabajan a menudo no tienen acceso a la ley de Ausencia Familiar y Médica (FMLA); es
hora de promulgar un sistema que permita a los arizonenses cuidar de sí mismos y de sus seres queridos, y poder regresar al trabajo con su empleo intacto.

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Use the tool below to choose what you think Arizona’s state government should be focused on in the next year. Want to add something to this list?

Email us at and let us know!

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School meals for every child in Arizona

We can make bigger strides to eliminate hunger in Arizona by increasing access to adequate and nutritious food, especially for children. Providing more resources for households with the lowest incomes and investing to eliminate food deserts can help achieve this. Universal school meals and additional out-of-school time meals can help thousands of Arizonans. 

$100 million per year 

Childcare for all Arizonans

We can invest to make sure ALL of Arizona’s families can afford quality childcare, including those with non-traditional work schedules. Investing in childcare provides families with more stability and opportunity while boosting the vital care economy in Arizona. 

$1 billion per year 

Affordable housing for all Arizonans

We can do much more to help those who can’t afford housing in Arizona—be it helping people getting priced out of their own neighborhoods, assisting those on the brink of losing their home, or providing services those experiencing homelessness. Together with protecting tenants in state law, we can build new units and issuing more housing assistance programs. 

$200 million per year 

Pre-K for every child in Arizona

We can invest more in Pre-K education so that all children, regardless of how much their parents earn, can have opportunity to thrive. Well-funded universal pre-K will set Arizona’s children and families up for success in the long-term. 

$300 million per year 

Paid family and medical leave for all Arizonans

We can enact a statewide paid family and medical leave social insurance program that would provide all of Arizona’s public and private sector workers (including gig workers, contract workers, and the self-employed) with at least 24 weeks of paid leave each year. 

$300 million per year 

Fast, reliable internet for all Arizonans

We can better connect Arizonans to reliable, high-speed internet, be they in rural areas, on tribal lands, or in our cities. Extending and enhancing internet access connects more Arizonans to opportunities.

$200 million per year 

Affordable college for all Arizonans

We can make affordable college a reality for all Arizonans--and bring an end to student debt. Expanding financial assistance to Arizona’s high school graduates attending college or community college can enhance the state’s workforce and address inequities in graduation rates. 

$2.5 billion per year 

A better unemployment insurance system for all

We can invest in an accessible and update unemployment insurance system that provides adequate and timely coverage to all workers who lose their job through no fault of their own, and better support for those entering or re-entering the workforce. 

$100 million per year 

Well-funded public education for all Arizonans

With one of the lowest per-pupil spending rates in the country, Arizona can do better. Investing in our public schools, particularly those serving students in higher-poverty areas, will strengthen our state’s economy now and in the long term. #InvestinED got us part way there, let’s keep up the momentum every year. 

$800 million per year 

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